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DepthScape LUTs

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The LUTs that I use for 90% of my color grades in 2023!

DepthScape LUTs consist of 8 finishing LUTs, based on the same tone-curve with different color variations to give a coherent filmic, moody, yet modern look.

The LUTs have been created with color-graduations in mind to avoid color-banding. They neutralize purple and desaturate green tones for a moody look and push towards teal and orange without looking unnatural.

DepthScape LUTs are finishing LUTs that give your videos & photos a final look. Therefore, they work with all cameras, drones, action cameras, phones and in all video editors.

If you film your videos in LOG formats, do your LOG conversion and corrections first, before applying a DepthScape LUT. If you film in normal picture profiles, you can apply them directly, but I recommend doing color corrections before the LUT gets applied.

The LUTs come with 3 variations in 3 folders, RCM, Rec709 & Rec709c. Use them all follows:

Short version: Use mostly the Rec709c LUTs for Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere etc., and the RCM LUTs for DaVinci Resolve Color Management. The normal Rec709 LUTs can be used with all editors in all workflows if you need more flexibility and know how to color grade properly.


RCM (for DaVinci Resolve DWG): Created to use with DaVinci Resolve Color Management enabled. This variation will give you the best results but only work properly in DaVinci Resolve. Here's how to use Resolve Color Management:

Rec709 (for all video editors that support LUTs (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere etc.): These LUTs are technically the same as the RCM LUTs, but expect a Rec709 color space. So they are better for editing in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or in DaVinci Resolve without Color Management.

Rec709c (video editors that support LUTs (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere etc.) but easier to use: The "c" in the Rec709c version stands for corrected. I found that color grading especially in Final Cut is a bit difficult as its tools work differently. So I've added a few corrections to these LUTs to make them look better straight out of the box and allow for easier grading.

What do the LUTs file names mean?

CG: cold greens
COLD: cold overall look
STANDARD ONE: muted greens, slight shadow teal
STANDARD THREE: muted greens, neutral shadows
STANDARD TWO: muted greens, strong shadow teal
WARM ONE: warm overall look, slight shadow teal
WARM THREE: warm overall look, neutral shadows
WARM TWO: warm overall look, strong shadow teal

Other characteristics are always the same across all LUTs - tone curve etc.

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DepthScape LUTs

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